Ramon Lara

  • Honduran Coffee Farmer and Environmentalist
  • Poppa Bean

Ramon Lara is a fourth generation coffee farmer from Las Vegas, Honduras that was able to successfully navigate his product into Canada. He came to Canada to pursue better education and e recently graduated from Carleton University with an Undergraduate in Environmental Sciences. He started by working with coffee roaster Poppa Bean in Vars, ON about three years ago with the goal of bringing in shipments of raw coffee from his hometown to Canada. Since first staring to work with Poppa Bean, Ramon was able to grow his shipments and better support his community in Honduras. Ramon Lara is now currently organizing the Santa Barbara Coffee Festival in his hometown.

About This Talk

Living on 94 Cents a Pound

Ramon will speak about the challenges of bringing Honduran coffee into Canada and the the importance of price stability and quality. He will also touch upon how selling coffee to Canadians has helped his hometown community of Las Vegas Honduras.

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