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Our adventures aim to take you on a journey where you will be allowed to experience Single Origin coffee farmed, harvested, roasted and delivered with the utmost care, consideration and compassion through Fair Trade.

This results in consistency in quality when sourcing and flavour when roasting. Currently, all our single origin coffees are Washed Arabicas.

The roasting process and cleanliness of our Fluid Bed Roasters are a newer technology than that of their Drum Roaster predecessors and offer a roast that is free of any impurities (a layer of bean oils and debris of carcinogenic properties) building on the inside of the drum. Whereas fluid bed roasters do not due to the hot air blowing onto the beans and up through the exhaust.

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About This Talk

The MOJOE crew is excited to share their personal entrepreneurial story with you! They will touch upon the challenges they have faced as a young company on a very tight budget, how they strive to form partnerships within the coffee industry and how they have decided to position their marketing in an already competitive industry.

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