Christina Nguyen

  • Owner
  • Café des sentiers

Christina is the founder and owner of the Café des Sentiers, an independent coffee shop serving fair trade locally roasted coffee right in the Gatineau Park. The Café just opened in January 2019 and prides itself in the quality of the products it serves and the enriching interactions with its clientele.

Christina grew up in an entrepreneurial home, her mom having owned and operated a number of businesses, including a coffee shop, in Montreal where she grew up. Christina studied business administration and international affairs at HEC Montreal and the University of Ottawa respectively. She has lived and worked in Mexico, Israel, Guinea and France and travels extensively for work and pleasure. She took a short break from her career in international affairs to embark on this entrepreneurial adventure. She is also involved with the Gatineau Skateboard Association, of which she is a founding member. She lives in Hull, 5 minutes away from her coffee shop, with her husband, three kids and dog.

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Supporting a Great Initiative

A portion of Ottawa Coffee Fest’s proceeds will go to supporting Birch Bark Coffee Company’s water initiative for Ontario reserves. Through the sales of its coffee, the Birch Bark Coffee Company plans to take immediate action to elevate the on-going “Boiled Water Advisories” in Ontario and help the other provinces across Canada. For every 40 bags of coffee sold, they will be able to equip one home with a water filtration unit for their home.

They have collaborated with Can-Am Wellness to purchase their certified Belkcraft Four-Stage and Six-Stage Water Filtration Systems, and plan to install them at no cost to Indigenous families and communities suffering from poor water conditions on every reserve in Ontario.

For more information about Birch Bark Coffee Company, visit

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