Sam Mazzella

  • Licensed Arabica Q Grader, Green Coffee Importer
  • RGC Coffee

Sam Mazzella is a trader and licensed Arabica Q Grader at RGC Coffee, one of North America's leading independent importers of high-quality and specialty green coffee based in Montreal, QC. Over the last 10 years, he has cultivated many relationships from ‘seed to cup’ with the goal of creating a more transparent and sustainable supply chain. Sam is also the President of the East Coast Coffee Madness event where industry professionals and coffee lovers ‘meet + learn + grow’ once a year. ECCM’s vision is to encourage open dialogue for the future and well-being of coffee. Simply put, this guy loves coffee!

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About This Talk

The Future of Coffee

According to Sam, the current state of coffee production is a depressed Futures market and the negative impact it is having on farmers is a serious problem. Farmers have been facing the challenges of a $1 ‘C’ market for too long. The future of coffee is in jeopardy. Sam will chat about how to be a part of the solution and how to fix the problem.

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