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In addition to an amazing coffee selection, there’s a lot going on at the first - annual Ottawa Coffee Fest

Want to improve your espresso at home? Looking to get that perfect glossy microfoam in your milk? Come get some tips and tricks from the pro’s, and level up your home espresso skills. In this workshop we will cover espresso extraction and techniques for well balanced, delicious shots; as well as texturing milk to get that silky microfoam you get in cafes. Participants will also receive a bag of espresso beans and an Ottawa Coffee Fest mug!
Cost: $50 | SOLD OUT

Cost: $15 | SOLD OUT

Join guest Chef Gilles from Chefs Massine's Cooking School - within Massine's Your Independent Grocer - for a fun and informative cooking demonstration. He will feature elevated Mexican fare with a cooking class on how to make Coffee Infused Pollo Con Mole Tacos.
Cost: Free | Spots Available: 30
This session is for the motivated coffee consumer who wants to expand their habit to include roasting their own at home. The information covered will range from a brief history of coffee to practical aspects of roasting your own coffee.
Cost: Free | Spots Available: 30
Brewing your own coffee at home is a fantastic, fun way for you to experiment with finding your perfect brew method and cuppa. In this 30 minute workshop, Happy Goat's beverage director will be leading a fun, light hearted journey through some different home brew methods!

We’ll guide you through the basics of brewing Full Emersion and Pour Over coffee, while exploring the different variables (grind, time and agitation) that can be adjusted to change the taste of your brew and how to understand what variables cause what reactions and how/when to adjust. We’ll show you how we brew coffee in our shops and, by using our standard recipes, you’ll find it easy to brew coffee that's cafe quality at home. We’ll be drinking delicious coffee throughout the session, and you’ll also receive a free bag of coffee to enjoy at home!
Cost: $10 | SOLD OUT
Coffee art workshop - Mixed media: coffee and sharpie pen. We'll have some blank sheets and some sheets with dried coffee splotches on them for you to get creative! Turn your splotches into people, places or things with the pen, or try your own hand with the coffee "paint". You can then share your *masterpiece* with us on social media.

Join local coffee shop owners: Christina Nguyen (Café des sentiers), Janet Nicol (Jamari Espresso House) and France Desfossés (Planet Coffee) for an engaging discussion that will focus on cafe culture in Ottawa, touching on each own's respective path into the coffee scene.

Schedule To Be Announced

Schedule To Be Announced