We are proud to bring you a selection of coffee, food, and merchandise from the following vendors.

10Fourteen Coffee Roasters

Roast for the people


94 Celcius

What if a new adventure could arise from your morning coffee? Fly with 94 Celcius to discover the rich, bold and complex aromas of our coffee. Our beans are roasted with rigor to offer unique flavors that do justice to hard-working farmers living off this caffeinated jewel.


Animated Coffee

Animated Coffee is partnered with animal charities throughout Canada to offer you good coffee, for good.

Why Animated? Animals + Caffeinated = Animated! Get excited about our coffee and our cause. We love animals and want you to help be a voice for those that have none. Every time you brew, you help animals in need.


Art-Is-In Bakery

Inspired by the fine boulangeries of Paris and the funky cafés of Brooklyn. Art-Is-In Bakery is an edgy gastro-bakery built to satisfy any craving. Its unique character draws on a mix of wanderlust and a passion for the pursuit of pleasure in everyday life.



Since 2009 BeCoffee has been dedicated to offering top quality products and accessories to help coffee crafters reach their full potential. From beginners to baristas, we offer a selection of tools to enjoy every step of the coffee making process.


Birch Bark Coffee Company

At Birch Bark Coffee Company, our mission goes beyond just offering you delicious coffee! For us, it’s about giving back and offering a better quality of life by providing clean drinking water to Indigenous communities suffering from poor water conditions. For every 40 bags of coffee sold, we’re able to equip one home with a certified Belkraft water purification unit at no cost to the family.

Our coffee is Certified Organic and Fairtrade which means we are supporters and believers in
sustainability and healthy choices. Birch Bark Coffee Co. wants to stand out in the coffee industry
being a role model to First Nation, Inuit and Metis communities and demonstrate that through self-
determination and perseverance changes can and will happen through people-driven initiatives.


Bluebarn Coffee Roasters

We are a specialty coffee roaster located in Wakefield, QC. Our coffee is transparently sourced and roasted with care.



Bridgehead is a local Ottawa coffee company committed to quality, sustainability and fairtrade. We work with coffee farmers at origin to improve the quality of coffee for our customers and the income for our farming partners. Come on in and enjoy a cup at our Preston Street Roastery or at one of our 19 coffeehouses in Ottawa. Visit us online to learn more or to set up home delivery at


CloudForest Coffee

CloudForest Coffee comes from the magical region of Intag, one of the last remaining coastal rainforests in Ecuador. Intag has the perfect climate to produce high-altitude shade grown coffee. This incredibly biodiverse region is under threat from international mining companies. The communities in the Intag formed an organic coffee cooperative to create alternatives to large scale open-pit copper and gold mining. Our mission is to support a community struggling to defend the environment by purchasing their coffee. We roast the coffee in small batches to preserve freshness.

We are standing in solidarity with the farmers of Intag who are telling the world they do not want Canadian mining companies in their community. CloudForest Coffee acknowledges that the land we roast our coffee on is unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin territory.


Coco Loco

Coco Loco is a hot cocoa business that not only sells vegan and gluten free hot cocoa, but it's also healthy! We use superfood powders and coconut sugar instead of refined sugar, and many other beneficial ingredients that make you not feel guilty drinking it! On top of that, Coco Loco is run by a teenage entrepreneur! Possibly the only healthy, vegan, gluten free, teenager run hot cocoa businesses in Ottawa, Coco Loco is a great treat, and an even greater gift!


Engine House Coffee

Coffee is a beautiful thing...

Our goals are to give you an exceptional taste experience with only the freshest, select beans.


Equator Coffee Roasters

We source, roast, and serve fair trade, organic specialty coffee.


Happy Goat Coffee Company

Created a decade ago by coffee lovers for the specialty coffee market, Happy Goat Coffee Co. has been sourcing and roasting only the freshest, highest quality, directly traded, and responsibly sourced coffee in the heart of Hintonburg. No two Happy Goat cafes across the city are the same. Each has its own unique personality reflective of the neighbourhood it inhabits; which is a feature, not a bug! The one thing you can expect to see in each cafe is the perfect balance of coffee science and creativity in every beverage that crosses our counters, as well as some of the most memorable personalities in Ottawa’s coffee scene.


Hummingbird Chocolate

We are an artisan, bean-to-bar, chocolate maker based in Almonte, ON, Canada.


I Deal Coffee

We're a small, independent roaster located on the outskirts of the Byward market in Ottawa. We're focused on bringing you the freshest, most delicious coffee around, great home style food and baked goods, without any pretentiousness or bluster.


Poppa Bean Coffee Roastery

The Poppa Bean Coffee Roastery is the brainchild of Paul Foster (with the help of his always supportive wife Sarah). After Paul graduated from the University of Ottawa, his first office job brought him into direct contact with copious amounts of coffee and co-workers who enjoyed similar consumption habits. Paul soon started a coffee club, supplying his own coffee and roasting it in a hot-air popcorn popper, which gave him both the beginning and name of Poppa Bean.


Strawberry Blonde Bakery

The underlying philosophy behind Strawberry Blonde Bakery is to ensure that no person should have to compromise delicious food regardless of dietary choices or allergies. SBB’s products raise the bar for the quality of allergen-free baked goods and sets a new standard for the industry.

Too often, those with restrictive or alternative diets feel left out, or end up with food that is subpar at best. SBB ensures that these people are able to have a treat that looks and tastes as good, or even better, as everyone else’s.


Structure Roasters


At Structure, our approach is to reveal the work of producers. We believe that coffee gets its character at the farm. That's why our roasts aim to preserve these flavors. In other words, to treasure the work of the producers. For us, it is a guarantee of quality for our customers and respect for the work of the farmers.