Julie Francoeur

  • Fairtrade Canada’s Executive Director
  • Fair Trade Canada

Julie’s passion sits at the crossroad of development and trade. She is currently leading Fairtrade Canada as Executive Director. She has an MBA in Emerging Markets, a BA in International Development and a Diploma in African Rural Development. From working in Montreal with Équiterre in responsible cotton imports to closed loop municipal waste management in Bolivia, managing slum urbanization projects in Buenos Aires and running field operations for Fairtrade International in the Caribbean, she has touched sustainability from multiple angles. She worked from the ground up with farmer coops, brands, traders, millers, factories, unions, governments and everyone in between in 13 different countries.

She knows hands-on that sustainable supply chains and empowering farmers and workers is messy hard work that often fails. But she has also seen success and is adamant to help others scale up that impact.

À propos de cette session

Sharing the stories of coffee farmers in the Global South and educating about the importance of decent working conditions and fair terms of trade.

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