Dr. Hans Langenbahn

  • Head Roaster
  • Happy Goat Coffee Company

Happy Goat's coffee is driven and powered by Dr. Hans Langenbahn. He has been fascinated with the world of coffee throughout his life. He is a diligent, creative man with a great love for all things coffee. Hans is a meticulous worker who always goes that extra mile to be certain that he's roasting the best coffee beans under the sun.

Hans is a passionate and knowledgeable force that fuels the behind the scenes of Happy Goat Coffee. Always talking about coffee with an interest and dedication that goes far beyond your average coffee junkie - Coffee is an art and science to him. Simply put, Hans is an alchemist who can turn simple beans into coffee gold.

À propos de cette session

Rethinking Coffee

Everybody knows coffee, that dark brew in a cup. But there is a growing interest in the use of all the coffee by-products that often make their way into waste water and rivers or worse, just rot. More and more, scientists are discovering highly valuable ingredients like antioxidants, dietary fibre, and pectin in these waste and by-products; and farmers - even if still small in number – are trying to develop new products. The first consumable products have already hit the market: Cascara (dried coffee pulp, steeped like a tea or as a base for Soda drinks), “coffee honey” (from mucilage), or coffee flour (from the dried pulp). But that's by far not everything. You would be surprised where we might find coffee (by-) products in a couple of years; it will not be only in your morning cup of Joe! During this talk, Dr. Hans Langenbahn will address some of the unexpected possibilities to reuse coffee by-products to our advantage.

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