Paige Watts

  • Owner
  • Wild Child Coffee Project

Paige is the owner of Wild Child Coffee Project, located in Westboro. This unique business is actually a "play cafe" and helps parents and guardians with young children enjoy a hot cup of coffee (while their kids play!). Paige is a military spouse and mother of 3 children. Although loving the city of Ottawa, she started to wonder why most places are catered so heavily to either adults or children, but not many options for both to enjoy. This is the foundational concept for Wild Child Coffee Project.

Before starting this new chapter, Paige previously worked with Ottawa's vulnerable populations for the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa and Terrace Youth Residential services. After wanting to take a step back and focus on her children, she opened Wild Child Coffee Project in April 2019. The cafe is a place that both parents AND children love to go. Paige's life is centered around her children, however she is also passionate about travelling and catching up with friends!

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Join Paige Watts (Wild Child Coffee Project), Geneviève Bétournay (Art House Café) and Josée Michelle (Feline Café) for a moderated in-depth panel discussion on local cafés and social responsibility. We'll learn more about the mission of each café and why operating a coffee shop is a good way to support their particular purpose.

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