Arlington Five

Episode 15 | Friday, june 4, 2021

About this Episode

In this episode of Coffee Gals, we spoke to Jessie Duffy, owner of Arlington Five, a small coffee shop tucked behind Wilf & Ada's scratch diner in Ottawa’s Centretown. Jessie talks to us about A5’s journey and the multiple times they’ve reinvented themselves since first opening their doors in 2016. In the past 5 years, they’ve changed ownership a few times, switched house roasters (now serving the delicious LULO Coffee in house!), introduced different activities to incorporate creativity in the space and lastly, had to deal with the COVID blow. Jessie’s energy and determination really comes through this episode as she recounts these stories. Don’t miss it!

Note: This episode was recorded back in April, when A5 was taking a break to regroup and regain energy. They have since reopened and are back in full force! Things have changed with the Cooking for a Cause program on hold, but A5 is still working with the Parkdale Food Centre to explore the next chapter.